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August 9 2013.

Seaford residents are invited to consultation events to find out more about plans to improve and upgrade play space and sports equipment at The Salts Recreation Ground.

Seaford Town Council will have a stand at The Salts Recreation Ground with information about a range of possible options for improvements to the premier destination park in Seaford. The next  consultation date is tomorrow, Saturday 10th August  from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

The Council proposes to seek funding to install a new children's playground, most likely in a new location close to the existing facility. Other areas in the recreation ground will also be a focus of the consultation process. Skating, scooter, cycling and multi-use games space options, as well as options for green space not used for organised sports.
Where the old children's play area is to be removed, the council is considering landscaping the redundant site to make it an appealing, attractive community space, retaining much-needed green space for families, picnicking and general recreation.

The Salts project as a whole could cost more than £350,000 and investment has been identified in a strategy. The schemes will ensure that accessibility is a focus; the project will incorporate elements of inclusive play and will use surfacing that improves access for the broadest range of visitors. The goal is to make The Salts a location that can be used by all.

Ian White, Leader of Seaford Town Council said: "We need to make the best use of the resources available to us, by investing in play space and sport activity elements that provide for a need. There are important issues to consider in connection with accessibility and I urge all interested residents to attend the consultation events and give their views about what they would like to see."