September 8 2014.

A two-part event celebrating the shared heritage of Seaford, East Sussex, and Seaford Town [known colloquially as German Town] in Jamaica.

Illustrated talk:

A brief introduction as to how and why Seaford Town, Jamaica, was established, and, in commemoration of the century of WWI: The story of the British West Indies Regiment, stationed at North Camp, Seaford, for training between October 1915 and March 1916, before heading off to war.

UK screening:

Documentary film, German Town: The Lost Story of Seaford Town, Jamaica. Screening followed by Q&A with the film’s director, David Ritter

Synopsis:Deep within the isolated and undeveloped mountainous region of Westmoreland lies a village with a history and people unique to Jamaica. It is said that the inhabitants of this village are descendants of German indentured servants who were used to work the Jamaican plantations after emancipation, in order to substitute the slave labour that drove the island's economy. The documentary explores the history and contemporary life of Jamaicans with German heritage. Running time: 55mins

Saturday 18 October. 2.00pm to 4.00pm. The Barn Theatre. Saxon Lane, Seaford BN25 1QL

Tickets: £5.00 in advance or £7.00 on the door

Contact and ticket details: [Seaford]
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