July 18th, 2022.

Seaford Lib Dems release:

Seaford Lib Dems were shocked to learn that rather than a small development of family homes put forward in last year’s call for sites to Lewes District Council and also outlined in the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan, a planning application has gone in to build a 60 bed ‘luxury’ care home on a piece of land next to Florence House abutting the National Park and Seaford Head Golf course.

This is in a context of a huge shortage of ‘affordable’ homes for young people and families to live in and maintain the balance of generations in our community.

Cllr Christine Brett says: “Given there are always vacancies in our existing care homes and a new ‘luxury’ one is already under construction, I fail to see a need for this here. There are two more care homes within yards of this proposed site.
The site is in a quiet, peaceful area with narrow winding access not suitable for the traffic and parking it will generate. The monolithic building will look into the homes of the bungalow dwellers on Southdown Road and remove their privacy.”

Cllr Carolyn Lambert adds: “The county council is struggling to recruit staff for Adult social care. We have over 10% shortage in our area. Where will these staff be recruited from? Where will they live and how they will travel to work from outside the town?”

Cllr James Mac Cleary says: “Given the pressure on our NHS staff this will be yet another burden of care. SECAM is struggling to reach casualties in any reasonable time which is a concern for all of us but particularly older and more vulnerable residents including those in care homes."

Liberal Democrat councillors are opposing this planning application. Residents should make their views known to Lewes District Council.
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