January 25th, 2022.

Paula Woolven writes:

With the government planning to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars in just eight years (2030), you'd think by now there'd be some infrastructure for charging the growing number of electric vehicles in towns other than major cities?

You'd think?

For example - in Newhaven, a town with over 12,000 residents and a younger age demographic than a lot of the county, there is ONE public charger available in the town car park. And guess what? It's been broken since FEBRUARY 2021 and still is. Eleven months!

In Seaford (over 23,000 residents), there is ONE public charger available - in an awkward position in the basement of Morrison's car park - that's if it's working - and you have to have already signed up to a specific charging app/website which costs a lot to use.

In Peacehaven/Telscombe/Saltdean, there is ONE public charger sited in the local garage, where they have just installed an Amazon collection point and barriers next to it, meaning only ONE of the three charging cables can be used at any one time for a population of over 21,000 people.

I have an electric vehicle and have installed a charging point with the help of a small grant from the govt - which only met a quarter of the cost as I had to have significant electrical upgrades to install a faster charging point. I have to carefully plan my journeys to make sure I don't run out of charge without being able to get back to my charging point and have allowed other people in the Havens locally to use my point as well - including a stranded plumber who had been sent down in his electric van from London to do a job and found no working charging points at the time he needed it!

So for a population of well over 50 THOUSAND residents in the Havens coastal stretch, there are two working (expensive) public chargers - not to mention all those coming into the towns between Seaford and Saltdean to work or for leisure.

Not good enough, is it?

Paula Woolven
Frustrated EV owner
Telscombe Cliffs
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