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May 30th, 2019.

Rod Main's view of Steve Saunders' Independent View that was published here at Haven News on May the 26th......

I can understand Steve's frustration and he makes several good points, particularly about politics at the local level. However, you can also understand the distrust that the LibDems now have.

In the late 90's their County coalition partners swapped sides to vote for the incinerator in Newhaven. Then the Tories tried to blame the LibDems for its inclusion in the waste plan. Later, they decided to form a coalition with the Conservatives in government and found the Tories managing to dump blame on them for Tory polices which were unpopular.

That said, one would tend to think that the other parties represented on LDC would be a much more natural fit for general LibDem policies than the Conservatives. Lets hope they can find a way to work together on that common ground.... Which might even include Conservative points of view.

That might provide better results for all residents than leaving it up to single party politics.

Rod Main