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May 30th, 2019.

Newhaven Town Council was a little surprised when local resident Guy Stevens launched a campaign on social media calling upon the Council to erect a statue in the town to his favourite musician, Eazy-E. Neither the Mayor nor the Clerk had previously heard of Eazy-E – however, a quick Google of his name revealed no obvious connection to Newhaven.

The campaign aroused a lot of interest on social media, some of it hostile and some of it supportive, and a few days later Guy made direct contact with the town council. He admitted that the statue proposal had been a bit tongue in cheek, but now asked if he raised the funds for an engraved bench, would there be somewhere in the town he could put it?

The town council does sometimes help local people place memorial benches in suitable locations in the town. Usually these are in memory of beloved family members or friends who have passed away, but in principle there is no reason why one couldn’t be installed commemorating a deceased musician.

The Mayor of Newhaven, Councillor Graham Amy, says: “Eazy-E appears to have led a rather colourful life, but if someone contacts us wanting to buy a memorial bench to their aunt, say, we don’t ask questions about her lifestyle. And indeed, Eazy-E is greatly admired in some quarters. There are clearly two sides to his story. The town council has recently erected a bandstand on Denton Island and would very much like to see some additional seating near the bandstand which could be used by people listening to music there”.

So, the town council said Yes to a memorial bench and Guy launched a GoFundMe campaign which quickly attracted more than enough funds to pay for a beautiful, high quality bench with a small plaque on it which reads “Rest in peace Eric “Eazy-E” Wright 1964-1995”. Guy was able to pay for the bench and he had money to spare which he donated to an Aids charity.

The bench has now been installed in its new home on Denton Island where it will provide a very useful place for people to sit and listen to music of all sorts being played at the nearby bandstand, or simply to sit and look at the river.

There is plenty of room on Denton Island for some more seating, and more will be needed by music lovers attending events at the bandstand. Newhaven Town Council would welcome further applications from local people to purchase the same style of benches – whether as memorials to loved ones, or to commemorate their own favourite musicians. Councillor Amy says “I’d never heard of Gangsta Rap, The Beatles were more my thing. I’d love to see a bench with a plaque to John Lennon. Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

If you would like to buy a memorial bench, please contact Newhaven Town Council tel: 01273 516100.