September 30th, 2021.

As part of their Harvest celebrations, Newhaven school children hosted a Harvest Festival with a difference this week—they participated in a digital celebration.

Using multimedia resources from Discovery Education Espresso, the award-winning digital learning platform, pupils from Harbour Primary School updated their annual Harvest Festival by embarking on a virtual global journey, where they discovered how harvest time is celebrated around the world.

Beginning their learning journey in the UK, the children had fun playing detective, by investigating where food comes from and tracking their favourite meals from farm to fork. They also learned how food is packaged and transported and why eating fresh local produce is better for the environment.

Next, the children watched a special film about the Harvest Festival in different countries. Taking a virtual tour from North America to Asia, they discovered that the end of the growing season is celebrated everywhere and that coming together to give thanks is a global tradition that unites us.

Completing their Harvest Festival celebration with an interactive quiz, pupils showed off their digital skills by answering questions on food, the environment and farming. The children were so inspired by their learning that they decided to donate harvest parcels to their local foodbank.

Lyn White, Headteacher at Harbour Primary School said: “Our pupils really enjoyed this year’s digital Harvest Festival celebration. From exploring the journey of their favourite foods, to understanding the environmental impact, Espresso’s digital resources helped to bring their celebration to life. Espresso’s resources are invaluable. Whatever the subject, there is always a video, activity or game that enhances the experience for our students.”

Discovery Education Espresso is an award-winning digital learning service for primary schools. With an expansive treasury of high-quality digital resources which can be applied to any lesson, Espresso helps teachers to deliver interactive learning experiences that spark curiosity, make classroom activities livelier and give every pupil the opportunity to have their “light bulb” moment.

Discovery Education Espresso offers a vast array of Harvest Festival themed resources, spanning all primary key stages and subjects and including video, text, audio, images and interactive activities. Schools interested in a trial of the service can request one here.
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