November 9th, 2023.

The exhibition of ‘Another Once’ - a site-specific installation by renowned Scottish artist Karla Black at Newhaven Art Space is to be extended until December.

Known for her pioneering approach to sculpture and installation art, Black’s work is characterised by its use of unconventional materials to create abstract and immersive sculptures, usually made in response to the space where they will be shown. For the piece in Newhaven High Street, Black has used sugary pink makeup products, powdered plaster, translucent polythene and pastel helium balloons to create an experiential artwork that both charms and challenges its viewers.

Since Black installed the piece at the end of September, the artist-led gallery have been under strict instructions not to intervene with the artwork, whose materials have responded to changes in temperature and humidity over the course of the exhibition. “I‘m loving the deflation of this work at Newhaven Art Space”, notes Black. “The exhibition is on until December 2nd, so it‘ll be interesting to see what happens… The sculptures in this show are the first that I have exhibited with helium balloons to hold parts of them up, after a long period of experimentation in the studio. I’m excited to see the forms change and droop and lower and eventually just lay on the floor.”

Gallery directors Helen Tuner and Nick Marsh have been delighted with the response to the show, with visitors of all ages and backgrounds having the opportunity to experience work by an internationally acclaimed artist in an unexpected high street setting. Visitors have applauded the initiative of the artist-led gallery, with one describing the installation as “one of those rare pieces that catches and then suffuses the attention. Immersive, exciting, yet peaceful, mysterious and of course beautiful.”

More used to exhibiting in international galleries and art fairs, Black, who lives and works in Glasgow, welcomed the opportunity to work with Newhaven Art Space. “I love working in artist-run galleries because it gives me freedom to experiment and try something new,” she said. “The people who run and work in these spaces are very serious about art and dedicated to allowing the artist to make the best exhibition they can; there is no other agenda than that which is always refreshing.”

Made possible by grants from Arts Council England and an award from the Newhaven Enterprise Zone BN9 Programme, the exhibition is an opportunity for the town to explore new ideas, engage with contemporary art, and connect with a diverse audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience ‘Another Once’ for yourself. The exhibition continues at 24 High Street, Newhaven until 2nd December.

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