February 5th, 2024.

Newhaven Lifeboat is recruiting a new Launch Authority to join its dedicated team of volunteers. This is an opportunity to improve self-esteem, receive quality training and gain valuable experience whilst making a positive difference in people's lives.

Tony Lewis, one of Newhaven RNLI’s Launch Authority, says: "My biggest fear was authorising launch of the lifeboat into dangerous heavy weather.

"With training on station and remotely by RNLI College, I now have a better understanding of the kit, lifeboat and the tremendous ability of our crew in the face of difficult conditions."

When a 999 call is made and the coastguard is alerted, the coastguard contacts the lifeboat station’s Launch Authority. If a launch is agreed, the coastguard will then page the crew.

The Launch Authority contributes to the operational activities carried out to maintain the lifeboats and all associated equipment in a constant state of readiness for launching on service.

Launch Authority must live or work within eight minutes of the Lifeboat Station and be prepared to share an on call availability schedule with other Launch Authority colleagues.

Roger Cohen, Lifeboat Operations Manager, says: "Newhaven RNLI runs a welcoming and inclusive team. The Launch Authority role is integral to our operations and mission to save more lives at sea. This is a great opportunity to build personal confidence, gain new skills and build new friendships, whilst benefitting your local community."

If you are interested, apply HERE.
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