July 9th, 2022.

In the most turbulent week in politics in recent history, the local Green Party has announced Emily O’Brien as its new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate to fight the next general election in the Lewes constituency.

Local councillor Emily has been outspoken on local planning and environmental issues, noted for challenging government ministers and Lewes MP Maria Caulfield over government policy on the housing targets that have led to an influx of building applications on green field sites around the constituency.

She has said she will push for the Green Party’s policies on climate and nature, with a focus on tackling the broken planning system and the cost of living crisis. She has also vowed to launch a campaign to change the MPs’ code of conduct, which would require all MPs to tell the truth.

Emily commented: “The last week has been enough to make even the most loyal Conservative voters lose faith in the government.

"When I talk to local people about the last two years of Conservative rule, they are so fed up that they are losing faith in politicians and politics altogether.

"In the Green Party we've often struggled to turn our very successful council election results into votes for Parliament, but all I am hearing now is that people are ready for a change.

“We need people who can be trusted, and who can speak out for their residents, not toe the line on a party political system that no longer makes sense.

"Our local MP has appeared on national television standing up for Boris Johnson, defending the indefensible and local people will not forget that.

"My first steps will be to launch a campaign for a change in the MPs' code of conduct, that would require all MPs to tell the truth.”

Emily is married with three children, and lives locally alongside many dogs, cats and chickens.

She works for a national food charity campaigning for a more sustainable food system.

Emily co-founded campaign group Community Action Newhaven, which opposed the Brett Aggregates concrete plant application near Tide Mills, and recently made Lewes District Council the first council in the UK to question water companies on the links between new development and increasing levels of raw sewage discharge into local rivers.
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