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January 23rd, 2019.

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills enjoyed our first meeting of 2019 on Sunday. In typically seasonal weather we picked up five sacks of litter and, as usual, mostly washed in by the sea.

Unfortunately, we have to report that preparatory work for the Port Access Road has now commenced, which has resulted in a loss of open space adjacent to the port boundary. We also understand that detailed design work for a replacement pedestrian level crossing south of Bishopstone is now underway.

More positively, we are also able to report that the signage for the newly designated nature reserve area, just to the Newhaven Side of the old Village, beachside of Mill Creek and as a mitigation measure required by Phases 1 and 2 of Port expansion, has now been installed.

As the nature reserve has not been fenced it is fully open for visitors to access, but obviously if dogs could be kept on leads, or at least under close control, and visitors keep to the well-marked paths, it would be most appreciated. Management of the reserve area is to be undertaken as necessary and the Friends of Tide Mills are represented on the management committee.

The signs contain very useful and interesting information regarding Tide Mills, please do take the time to read them when visiting.

As always we do appreciate that many visitors, like us, truly value the Tide Mills environment, between us all we will hopefully continue to nurture it largely as is for a long time to come.

Our next meeting is taking place on Sunday the 17th of February, between 10.00am and 12 noon, we extend a very warm welcome to anybody who would like to join our little band.

More information from me at or the Friends of Tide Mills website HERE.